Universal Music will mark the 40th anniversary of Queen‘s 1977
album News Of The World with a five-disc super deluxe edition.

The new package includes the original album on CD (the Bob
Ludwig 2011 remaster) and two further CDs of recently unearthed
outtakes and rarities including ‘Raw Sessions’ an alternative
version of the whole album which brings to light never-before-heard
alternative versions of each of the album’s 11 tracks. The record
label promises that “every lead vocal is different” on Raw Sessions
and as are most of the lead guitar parts and many other
instrumental details. We Are The Champions is the full-length
version of the song and not the edited 1977 album cut and All Dead,
All Dead features Freddie Mercury on vocals, rather than Brian May.
Fight From The Inside, is Roger Taylor’s demo vocal version (worked
on in his home studio in preparation for the next sessions).

The fourth optical disc is a DVD which features a brand new
one-hour documentary “Queen: The American Dream” created from
backstage material filmed during Queen’s 1977 USA News of the World

The 40th anniversary of News Of The World also includes a vinyl
version of the album – a “pure analogue” re-cut of the original
“direct from the unmastered analogue master mix tapes”.

Finally, this set comes with a 60-page book of images and a
selection of NOTW related memorabilia (including three

This News Of The World 40th anniversary edition is released on
17 November 2017.

All Dead, All Dead (May)
Fight From The Inside (Taylor)
Get Down, Make Love (Mercury)
It's Late (May)
My Melancholy Blues (Mercury)
Sheer Heart Attack (Taylor)
Sleeping On The Sidewalk (May)
Spread Your Wings (Deacon)
We Are The Champions (Mercury)
We Will Rock You (May)
Who Needs You (Deacon)

All Dead, All Dead (Original Rough Mix)
Fight From The Inside (Demo Vocal Version)
Get Down, Make Love (Early Take)
It's Late (Alternative Version)
My Melancholy Blues (Original Rough Mix)
Sheer Heart Attack (Original Rough Mix)
Sleeping On The Sidewalk (Live in the USA, 1977)
Spread Your Wings (Alternative Take)
We Are The Champions (Alternative Version)
We Will Rock You (Alternative Version)
Who Needs You (Acoustic Take)

Feelings Feelings (Take 10, July 1977)
Fight From The Inside (Instrumental)
Get Down, Make Love (Instrumental)
Get Down, Make Love (Live in Montreal 1981)
It's Late (BBC Session)
It's Late (USA Radio Edit 1978)
My Melancholy Blues (BBC Session)
My Melancholy Blues (Live in Houston 1977)
Sheer Heart Attack (Live in Paris 1979)
Spread Your Wings (BBC Session)
Spread Your Wings (Instrumental)
Spread Your Wings (Live in Europe 1979)
We Are The Champions (Backing Track)
We Are The Champions (Live at the MK Bowl 1982)
We Will Rock You (Backing Track)
We Will Rock You (BBC Session)
We Will Rock You (Fast) (BBC Session)
We Will Rock You (Live at the MK Bowl 1982)
We Will Rock You (Live in Tokyo 1982)